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Your clients count on you for advice and guidance they can rely on to make strategic brand decisions, rapidly. And your law firm partners look to you for help growing the practice. To meet these complementary demands, you need to make the most of every decision—and of every hour you work.

As in-house counsel, the business counts on you to mitigate brand risk and protect the organization. Meanwhile, you’re under constant pressure to clear brands quickly to facilitate rapid product or service launches. To meet these demands, you need actionable trademark information that is rock-solid reliable. And you need it yesterday.

Every day, you face ever-growing demands from attorneys and clients—conducting searches, creating reports, flagging information—with the constant risk of missing an important trademark or an opposition deadline. They’re counting on you to deliver under tight timelines.

Pharma brands demand specialized search and watch strategies and sources. We have you covered, with unmatched pharma expertise and resources.

Worldwide demand for entertainment across all media continues to drive an explosion in content, together with dramatic changes in the way entertainment is produced, delivered and consumed. We help you meet the challenge with a comprehensive array of Entertainment Solutions.

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WTR 1000

WTR 1000

“When it comes to searching and watching, CompuMark is one of the very best in the business. Sources hail its “outstanding service”, “competitive pricing”, “ease of use” and “excellent software”.

The elite trademark research and protection company garners recommendations from virtually every corner of the world. A Norway-based source remarks: “CompuMark still has the largest search database,” while a UAE-based lawyer espouses: “I have worked with CompuMark for many years – it is utterly reliable and just top-notch.” High ranking UK sources endorse it for the “excellent value for money” its services represent and US lawyers comment: “We love the easy searching and sorting capabilities of CompuMark.”

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